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I am a Los Angeles-based headshot and portrait photographer who has been shooting for a little over a year-and-a-half. Like so many, I started as a hobbyist moving from street to landscape, and finally to portraits. My transition began with a few classes and workshops. Landscapes and street photography have their place in my heart, but neither is as fulfilling for me as creating photos of people.

Although there were times in which I didn't actively pursue it, art has always been a part of my life. My early exploration of art began with crayons and, to the dismay of my parents, my walls and closet door were my canvas. As I grew up I experimented with sketching, watercolor, colored pencils, and charcoal. I acted all throughout high school, and during my first go around in college I practiced music, and have worked as a graphic designer for several years. Photography is an art I've always appreciated, but it's not one that I took to practicing until recently. After nearly 40 years I've finally my true passion in photography.

What My Clients Say About Me


Hannah Nicholson Actress

Michael is AMAZING. The session was so much fun and the final photos were exactly what I was looking for! Definitely my go to headshot photographer from now on!!.


Lambert Barnes Actor

Michael Coen has all the qualities of a natural born photographer, along with the professionalism and intuition that helps to steer you throughout the shoot. I had a blast working with him because of how well-guided, light-hearted, and professional the shoot was and I know without a doubt that I will book work from the quality photos that I get in return.